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Bottle the flow of time - World's first concave crystal watch

The wristwatch was first invented in 1868, but it wasn’t perfected until 2011

It began with one watch enthusiast’s mission to find the ideal timepiece. He failed, but not for lack of trying. After many purchases and much frustration, Kun-Chi Wu realized that if he wanted the “just right” watch, he’d have to build it. Sablier was born.

A Sablier watch’s most notable characteristic is undeniably the patented concave crystal construction, which offers a wider range of visibility, scratch resistance, and glare reduction. Knowing this, one might wonder why it had never been done before. KC discovered the answer a short way into his design journey. When the face is concave, so must be the dials, hands, and crown. This is no small feat. The level of craftsmanship required to not only design, but also to manufacture, such a timepiece would prove difficult and costly. But for KC and his business partner, Sam Konigsberg, the resulting innovation—a watch unparalleled—was irresistible.