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The Making of Time

For the first time since its invention, the wristwatch has undergone a total transformation. Never before in its history has a passionate creator taken such a novel approach to the crafting of a timepiece. In the hands of one Taiwanese immigrant and visionary, every detail has been rethought…

… but the changes are subtle. After all, restraint is the marker of true perfection. From the concave design that enhances viewing from every angle, to the unusual location of the date (between 4 and 4:30), every aspect of a Sablier watch is intuitive and ideal to its wearer. Yet, as with so many things that achieve this elegant simplicity, the process is far from effortless.

Concave Crystal


Concave (adjective): hollowed or rounded inward like the inside of a bowl


Sablier is the first and only company to hold a patent for an entirely concave, crystal watch design.

It takes 120 cuts before our steel mold reaches its final, stunning case shape. While the main construction of most every watch on the market today is built in three parts—bezel, case, and underside—a Sablier watch comprises just one painstakingly hewn piece. It’s exceedingly more difficult, but the lack of seams means a lack of uncomfortable edges and ridges, and thus, a luxuriously comfortable feel on the wrist. As our inventor, Kun-Chi Wu, says, “The smoothness of our single-piece design must be experienced in person to be fully appreciated.”

An altered crown position, too, enhances ergonomics. Anyone who has ever worn a timepiece knows that when the wrist is moved a certain way, the crown digs into the skin. This discomfort is a thing of the past when one wears a Sablier watch, as our crown sits at the 2 o’clock position, rather than 3.

Once its housing is complete, Swiss ETA movement brings each of our watches to life.

Alongside these intelligent edits, our timepieces are unique in their wine-inspired details. The second hand is shaped like a corkscrew, and Sablier’s logo mirrors the silhouette of a bottle of wine. Many of our face colors are inspired by the drink’srich or sparkling hues, and we offer a cork strap. Together, it all reminds the wearer of evenings gathered around a stellar vintage—a representation of good living.