What makes your design so unique?
Sablier is the first concave watch in the industry. Our pioneering design of the lens and dial has been awarded a U.S. utility patent after passing a stringent test of originality. The curved crystal facade offers naturally glare-free, unobstructed visual intake while the curvature helps to prevent the crystal from being scratched and damaged. Blending fluidity, functionality, and comfort, Sablier’s design offers a new genre of timepiece that embodies iconic form and seamless ergonomics.

How do these innovative features benefit the user?
They increase functionality and prolong the durability of an important, everyday instrument. The ideal engineering of our watch also allows free movement of the wrist. By placing the crown at the two o’clock position, we’ve maximized comfort.

In addition, more than 6.5 million Americans over the age of 65have a severe visual impairment. By 2030, medical experts and health officials predict that rates of vision loss in the United States will double, as America’s 78 million baby boomers continue to age. The current trend in the luxury watch market centers on elaborate and excessively ornamented fabrication, which often overlooks the needs of those with deteriorating eyesight. Even those with excellent vision can benefit long-term from not having to strain constantly to catch the time.

Where can I buy a Sablier watch?
Our timepieces can be purchased here on our website, or through any of our esteemed retailers. We work in a close partnership with our jewelers to ensure they are as well-versed in our offering as we are.