Sablier is the first concave watch in the watch industry. This pioneering design of the lens and the dial has been awarded a U.S. utility patent after passing a stringent test of originality. The curved crystal facade offers natural glare-free, unobstructed visual intake while the curvature helps to prevent the crystal from being scratched and damaged. Blending fluidity, functionality, and comfort, the Sablier is a new genre of timepiece that embodies iconic form and seamless ergonomics.

1. What was the design challenge?
An essential piece of accessory in our everyday lives, the primary challenge is to increase the functionality and prolong the durability of this important instrument, by minimizing the day-to-day wear and tear exposed in the conventional shapes while integrating ergonomically ideal engineering to allow free and liberating wrist movement. 
In addition, more than 6.5 million Americans over age 65 have a severe visual impairment. By 2030, medical experts and health officials predict that rates of vision loss and severe visual impairment in the United States will double as America’s 78 million aging baby boomers reach retirement age and beyond. Research also shows computer-related vision strains are even more common. Current trend in the luxury watch market centers on elaborate and excessively ornamented fabrication that often overlooks the need of those with deteriorating eyesight.

2. What makes this an excellent design solution?
The Sablier overcame the above challenge by incorporating the modern understanding of ergonomics into a bold yet timeless design. 
The concave face protects the crystal from contact with foreign surfaces to avoid damages. This patented shape also reduces the glare that often makes convex and flat crystal watches unreadable in bright light.
The face of the Sablier, which is 42 mm-44mm, allows for an increase in visibility for the client. Its minimalist dial and display, with a wide hour hand and hollowed index at the 6, 9, and 12 hour position, maintains the essence of watchmaking by reverting the focus back to readability and time-telling. 
With the comfort of the Sablier’s client in mind, the crown is shifted to the two o'clock position and the body is curved, thereby effortlessly accommodating the human wrist movement. This unique design maximizes comfort, maintains functionality, yet offers a refreshing new classic timepiece. With its curved body and concave surface, the Sablier conjures the imagery of a wine glass that quenches the natural desire for something bold with something simple.