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Wine, Watches, and More: Your Luxury Gift Guide

As oenophiles who create luxury timepieces, we here at Sablier are undoubtedly lovers of the finer things in life. We appreciate the decadent pleasure of an incredible glass of wine, the silk of a scarf, the feel of a premier watch’s leather against the wrist, the smell of a lavish perfume. We believe in—we adore—the art of elegance and indulgence.

So, we thought we’d share a few of our top picks for those who seek to bring a touch of opulence to their loved ones this holiday season. Welcome to Wine, Watches, and More: Your Luxury Gift Guide.

For the Wine Lover

Blackbird Portfolio Collection

 Blackbird wine collection


While a bottle of one’s favorite wine can never disappoint, there is something extra special about receiving a subscription or package of high-end bottlings. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

Depending on where you and/or your recipient live, a quick Google search will likely yield a list of local wineries that offer programs like this. But, if you need an idea, we have a Napa favorite that ships nationwide … Blackbird Vineyards. Every sip of every variety is carefully nurtured by winemaker Aaron Pott, and trust us when we say anyone who enjoys wine will want to experience it. The vineyard’s grapes are so desirable that they used to provide fruit to surrounding wineries in the area. Today, they do it all themselves, fostering those enviable bundles of harvest into enchanting taste profiles.

Invite someone to taste and try, by giving them the Blackbird Portfolio Collection.

Grand Cru II in Burgundy 

Sablier Grand Cru watch


Whether you think they’d prefer it with a cork or leather band, a champagne or burgundy dial, a one-of-a-kind timepiece from Sablier is the sort of gift one never forgets. Not only is it a sophisticated and stylish design to make a watch aficionado swoon, but its patented, never-done-before concave crystal construction makes it a genuinely unparalleled possession.

Invite them to be a part of a new generation and legacy of watchmaking, with our latest collection: Grand Cru II. 

For the Woman Who Has It All

Exposition Universelle Scarf 90 in Orange/Jaune/Multicolore

 Hermes scarf


Now for something beyond our own specialties ... Hermès has been an icon in the fashion world for decades. A brand with a long history, its pieces hold their value and speak to unmatched style.

2021 looks are predicted to be all about bold color, so the Exposition Universelle Scarf 90 in Orange/Jaune/Multicolore will make a statement, but with the timelessness of an Hermès design. It can be worn in the hair, tied onto a bag, or wrapped around the neck—what’s better than a gift that’s a treasure of many uses?     

Micro Luggage Handbag in Textile and Calfskin

 Celine bag


Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi—all makers of some of the world’s most coveted luxury bags. But if you want to really wow your high-end handbag collector, we recommend thinking just a touch outside the box.

Still a known and beloved brand, but less a dime a dozen than the aforementioned designers, Celine will send a thrill through your loved one. Personally, our favorite bag from the brand is the one made famous by a fashion icon and celebrity or two: the Micro Luggage Handbag, shown here in textile and calfskin. 

Lost Cherry

 Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume


Tom Ford’s perfumes are hugely popular for a reason. Complex and full of depth, they are ideal as a signature scent or for special occasions only.

While there are others that rank higher on the lists of many, we think Lost Cherry is a delightfully unusual choice. Its rich profile includes notes of fruit, liqueur, and almond, and when applied to the skin, it’s intoxicating.

For the Sophisticated Man in Your Life

Cuff Links

 cuff links


Of course, we have to mention a few of our own luxury pieces. Made to celebrate the revolutionary concave design of the crown on every Sablier watch, our cuff links offer an equally elegant, signature-to-our-brand experience.

Unlike other cuff links that are welded or buckled together, ours are milled down from a single piece of solid steel. They’re smooth and sleek to the touch, sure to delight whether one dresses up often or only now and then.   

Ultimate Grooming Bundle

Art of Shaving kit 

Take their shaving experience to a whole new level, with a gift set full of the best tools and products. If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t like to splurge and treat themselves to self-care, here is the perfect present!

We like this Ultimate Grooming Bundle from Art of Shaving, because it has a great combination of luxurious scrubs, balms, etc. and high-performance gizmos. 

Grainy Leather Belt

 Burberry belt


Sure, all of the young people are sporting that iconic Gucci belt, but this Burberry number is a total classic. Simple, yet clearly above the standards of most, it is sure to be an irreplaceable staple in no time.

For those who know their recipient is suited to a little more flair, Valentino’s belt selection won’t disappoint.



We hope this gift guide provided you with a grand old tour of high-end goodies and helped you find the perfect piece for your loved one. But, if you need even more inspiration, check out our Gifts page to see Sablier sets and accessories.


Happy Shopping!